Revised Budget Needed Soon; Statement on Extremist Islam needed too; Has Obama Checked out?; “New” Indonesian President?

Revised Budget Needed by 26 August

Yesterday’s commentary suggested the Abbott government needs to present a revised budget. Henry Ergas has effectively made the same point (see below), although he envisages a slower timetable. Yet enough analysis should be available now for a revised budget to be presented when Parliament resumes on August 26 (after this week). The latest Newspoll reinforces the need to “do something” in addition to repealing the carbon tax.

Response Also To Extremist Muslim Threat

It appears that Western governments are making no criticism of the attacks by terrorists on Israel and demos here (3,000 in Sydney) are effectively supporting the rocket attacks. That the UN Security Council, which includes Australia, could unanimously call for a ceasefire without any criticism of Hamas illustrates the uselessness of that body.

Meanwhile, more examples are emerging of the other threats from extremist Muslims. The starkest is the report (below) that young women in Britain, presumably with Muslim parentage, are attracted by Islamic “fangirls” to join the caliphate! We also learn from this article in The Australian that terrorists involved in the Bali bombings have been or are being released from jail and are likely to return to terrorist activity in Indonesia or in Syria/Iraq (see attached). And that a former deputy of Saddam Hussein has issued a recording stating support for the establishment of a caliphate – so much for the critics of the US “invasion” of Iraq when Saddam was boss!

I have already suggested that the Australian government should issue a statement supporting Israel’s necessary defensive actions. Does our membership of the Security Council prevent that?

But what is also needed is a comprehensive rebuttal of extremist Islam and a reminder of the virtues of Western values. This is not only a matter for governments: “regular” churches and business organisations should also be involved.

Obama – Checked Out?

As anti-western terrorist activity seems to be increasing or threatening to increase, where is the leader of the Western world? The article below suggests he is virtually AWL.

Indonesian President to be very different?

An assessment below of the likely new Indonesian President suggests he will  be very different to his predecessors, with fewer corruptive activities.