No Critiques of Isalamic Extremists?

Below are a series of comments on the proposed additions to counter-terrorism powers, with diverse comments about details and an adverse reaction on the decision not to change Section 18C. Andrew Bolt’s comment on the latter  seems correct (see below): in fact, the decision to retain existing Section 18 C will likely make it more difficult to criticise what many see as problems with Islam for the functioning of our society. The idea promulgated by Abbott that “Team Australia” has to handle the terrorist threat seems mistaken.

Meantime, what seem like disgraceful comments on Jews and Israel are not even being criticised by Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, who told the ABC he is “agnostic” about such comments made by Mike Carlton of the SMH (now in effect forced to resign from SMH).

There is also dispute, and confusion, about the extent to which it will be proposed to retain data and information in addition to what is already retained by intelligence agencies and police. It would seem strange for Abbott to claim that no additional information is going to be sought. While privacy should be retained where possible, surely that should be one of the objectives.

PS The Press Release which I sent earlier today showed increases in employment and the working age since July last year. The data in the table accidentally excluded a decimal point before the last digit