ABC Supporting Leading Muslims?- Aus Role in Syria? – No Troops Support for Kurds -Who is Real McCoy- China’s Xi Strong

Today’s editorial in The Australian claims below that “It is difficult to comprehend the complaint of some journalists who believe the enemy confronting Australia is the government rather than Islamic militancy”. And Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun suggests below “But the times have changed. The dangers are too great” to allow the ABC to continue to give radical Muslims a free go (imagine the interruptions if “right wingers” were interviewed). Free speech is important –but a free go?

The identification by the Iraq ambassador of the need to include Syria as part of the attack on IS seems obvious. But with Obama’s decision not to have troops on the ground, and his delay in extending air strikes to Syria, it may already be too late to prevent the “genocide” of the Kurdish town on the Syrian border with Turkey (see article below on Allies in battle for Kurdish town.

It is ironic that following the British decision to start air strikes but only in N Iraq, they could not find a target there worth attacking with missiles when there were obvious ones in Syria! It seems likely that, if it decided to involve itself in Syria, Australia could find a legal authority to allow it to be involved there.

But what is the cause of the delay in Australian air strikes on IS even in N Iraq? The planes are clearly ready to start. Commenting on the Syrian possibility, former Defence official, Peter Jennings, sensibly suggests that Australia should not “broaden the task until it has a clear idea of the long term intentions of the US” (see article below on Work with Syria to beat ISIS: Iraq). Perhaps uncertainties about that option may also be leading Abbott to hold back even on starting air strikes in N Iraq.

It is in one sense amusing to learn that there is leadership rivalry between the top two Islamic groups (see Islam can’t stomach two emirs: one of them will have to die). But it also illustrates the depth of the Islamic problem facing western countries.

Meantime, as protests occur in Hong Kong against the limited candidates for “election” there, President XI seems to be strengthening his control over the rest of China and intruding into Taiwan affairs too (see China President XI Jinping shows who rules the Middle Kingdom)

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