US & Aus Alone? Second Mosque Not Accepted- Britain “Powerless”

Obama’s  “relentless war” against Islamic State has started but  the Paris discussions suggest no military support has been offered from Arab countries and only limited support from countries other than Australia (see report by Stewart below). One cannot help wondering for what purpose these countries have armed services and in what circumstances they would be employed. Is the talk about the whether it would “legal” to use armed forces against terrorists in another country which threaten yours a diversion from a perceived need to first get approval from  Muslims living in local electorates?

As I have previously suggested, in reality threats and killings also come from other radical Islamic groups, such as  al-Quaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Jemaah Islamiyah,  the Moro Islamics, and Al Shabaab, not to mention our own Hizb ut-Tahrir representative whom ABC TV interviews and lets him off the  attacks he makes on US and Australian policies. The British, who are currently experiencing beheadings,  have a new Foreign Minister who is wet behind the ears and scarcely a week goes past when there no westerners killed in other countries.

In truth “radical ideologies” amongst Muslims are much more widespread than commonly supposed, both domestically and in overseas countries. The Islamic State may be “barbaric” but other group also take violent action regardless of whether the victims are Muslims or others. The government needs to publish an analysis of these radical groups and how they are to be controlled.

It also need to raise the matter at the imminent meeting of the Security Council to be attended by Abbott. Regardless of whether Russia and China would not accept a resolution condemning IS, both have been the subject of attacks by Islamic terrorist groups and it should be possible to secure passage of a condemnatory resolution in general terms.

One encouraging development has been the refusal to approve the building of a second mosque on the Gold Coast. This indicates a growing realisation of the threat from radical Islam. It may even reflect a realisation that one objective of radical Islamists is to infiltrate domestic communities.