More Questions on GW “Science” -Activist Opponents In Unis -Ruins of Mid East – Islamists in Aus Need Responses

More Uncertainties on Climate Change “Science”

Today’s The Australian reports new research indicating that a much higher proportion of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels is absorbed by plants/plankton than had previously been thought. This suggests that such emissions may not only contribute more to plant growth than previously thought but less also to the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere which are believed by some to be the generators of heat that then adds to temperatures.

This new research adds weight to the preliminary analysis by physicist Dr Tom Quirk which suggests that the proportion of fossil fuel emissions which stay in the atmosphere may be only about 16%,  much less than the 50% assumed by the IPCC. In short, both bits of research may help explain why such emissions are not leading to higher temperatures and that “nature” is the most important determining influence.

Such research is also adding to the many already existing uncertainties about the dangerous warming thesis, not the least being the absence of any global temperature increase for the last 16-18 years despite the significant increase in emissions.

Those who still accept the thesis include the ANU Council headed by Chancellor Gareth Evans, who has a reputation for making questionable judgements. He is reported in today’s AFR as having told a “Fossil Fuel Free” students group (!) that their views would be taken into account in assessing “socially responsible” investment policy on superannuation managed by council. It appears that Evans may have taken over the handling of the issue from Vice Chancellor Young, an oceanographer who was previously defending the inclusion of certain  companies on the black list but who, after it was discovered that some of the companies on the black list should not have been there, has now indicated he had some form of conflict of interest.

Abbott has weighed in as a critic of the black list decisions, as has Labor resources spokesman Gary Gray. Abbott is also facing pressure from warmists to include climate change on the Agenda for the G20 meeting in November and, surprise, surprise,  former Treasurer Wayne Swan has emerged as one spokesman for the cause. If G20 Chairman Abbott is prepared to point out the extent of uncertainties, it might in fact be quite useful to have climate change as a specific agenda item.

It is of some interest in this context to see that the Chairman of the Australian arm of Shell and the CEO of Rio’s energy arm have publicly criticized “activists” campaigning for an end to fossil fuel usage. It appears that some universities may be educating students on how to be an activist (see below on ‘Degrees in activism’ put brake on growth). More such statements by business leaders would help.

More on Islamic extremism and US Mid East Policies

Below is an excellent in-depth analysis of US Middle East policies under Obama by Victor Davis Hanson, who has lectured in Australia (see below Ruins of the Middle East).Hanson argues that Obama had six important policy failures and  “the present chaos of the Middle East was caused by our withdrawal from Iraq and a widespread sense that the US had forfeited its old responsibilities and interests, and was either on the side of the Arab Spring Islamists or indifferent to those who opposed them”. He ends on a very depressing note.

Meantime, The Australian has an article reporting in more detail the address last Friday by Hizb-ut Tahrir’s Australia head, entitled “The War to End a Blessed Revolution” (see below Islamist push with West’s values).Note the refusal to answer “difficult” questions  from the audience.

Janet Albrechtsen argues that such extremist spokesmen should be allowed to have their say but that we should respond and should get rid of “that deliberately slippery word, multiculturalism” and “keep challenging men such as Doureihi”. The difficulty here is – do we have respondents?

Our churches are silent as are our business leaders. Abbott has certainly  made some critical comments but his government needs to have a broader response on western values and to have a Minister designated to respond to spoken terrorist threats, which is what the leaders of Islamic groups are encouraging.

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