US/Iran Nuclear Negotiations

On Monday I circulated a Commentary arguing that the US should not conclude an agreement on nukes with Iran but should insist that Iran give full recognition to Israel (see attached). Today’s The Australian has published several letters, including mine, supporting a no nukes agreement approach (see below). It also reports that a significant group of Republicans in the US Congress has written to Iran’s leaders warning that any agreement by Obama may not be sustained under the next President (see below). This action undoubtedly reflects growing concern by many Americans (and others) at the refusal by Obama to recognise that extremist Islamic religious views drive the policies/attitudes of more than IS – and that Iran holds those views. Any agreement with Iran would scarcely be worth the paper it as written on.

Note also that Obama accuses these Republicans of allying with Iranian “hard liners” ie Obama has effectively admitted that Iranians may not stick to an agreement by the present government there.

I have also included a report published in Monday’s AFR on a statement by the just  retired head of ASIO, David Irvine, indicating that hackers probably now have the capacity to turn off our electricity supply. While the reports focuses on China’s capacity, Irvine refers to “small groups” also acquiring the capacity. Iran would also have it and, as shown by its anti-Jewish actions in the Argentine, is prepared to engage in terrorist activity a long way from home.

It is surprising that this statement by Irvine has received no attention in other media.

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