Muslim Problem being Recognised

Yesterday’s Commentary drew attention to reports that indicated a significant proportion of the refugees to Europe (more strictly, to Germany) may be “economic” migrants using the refugee label and that opposition to an open door immigration policy appeared to be increasing there. I also referred to analyses by the non-partisan US think-tank Gatehouse Foundation suggesting the 6 million Muslims in Germany are heavily under the influence of an extremist group and that the problems arising from extensive cultural differences were not being recognised. This poses, I noted, a serious threat of a break-up of the EU and possible forcible internal resistance in Europe.

Developments overnight reinforce that assessment. A report published by Gatehouse has Merkel saying that this is a “first step” and Europe may have to accept even bigger numbers while German Vice Chancellor Gabriel made an amazing  statement that Germany could take 500,000 migrants annually for several more years. The Gatehouse report includes an even more incredible statement made last week by the current President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker – “Europe has made the mistake in the past of distinguishing between Jews, Christians and Muslims. There is no religion, no belief and no philosophy when it comes to refugees”.

This report, which asks Is Europe Losing control Over its Destiny?, also contains numerous questions of the German policy by political and other European leaders, including a warning by the head of the Danish Refugee Council  that “the current refugee crisis could lead to total collapse of European Society”. John Bolton, Chair of Gatehouse, warns that Europe’s migration crisis is America’s too as “there is a serious and rising Islamicist terrorist threat hidden within the tides of people seeking refuge”. More statistical analysis includes that, of the 625,920 people who applied for asylum in the EU in 2014, only 29.5% were from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Australian media contains a good coverage of the refugee situation but, unfortunately, mostly about the welcoming received. However, two particularly questioning articles drew attention to the serious problems likely to arise under the German “model”. Henry Ergas notes that “Muslims are responsible for some 70 per cent of all high-casualty terrorist bombings since 1999” and argues that “the case for caution in allocating places in the humanitarian program is therefore overwhelming” (see below Migrant crisis: Refugees must be prioritised on their beliefs).  Andrew Bolt’s expressions of concern, and need for caution, go even further than that of Ergas’s. He notes that 72% of the refugees are men and overwhelmingly Muslim and that leftist media dodge the main issue (see Leftists happily give away our heritage).  These articles provide important background to judging the threat from extremist Islamic groups both here and overseas. Those who wish to take it further might wish to examine the web of a comedian (sic) born in Ireland but living in Britain, Pat Condell.

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