Turnbull as PM?

My Commentary distributed yesterday containing a section on Turnbull as PM has attracted interest and serious questioning about  why the Liberal Party chose Turnbull to replace Abbott. One contact has drawn my attention to a document tracing the associations Turnbull has had with the Labor Party and the numerous criticisms he has  made of Liberal Party policies and leaders up to August 2010. This document provides back-up links which have been checked and it gives rise to serious concern for those who believe in liberal policies and philosophy.

The author of the document is not known but it was “released” last night by Brian Wilshire on Sydney’s top rated talk-back program 2 GB and has been widely distributed by a climate sceptic in Sydney. The document (attached) is well put together and, despite its length, is easily read.

Turnbull has given assurances that he will stick with existing Coalition policies on holding a plebiscite on same-sex marriages after the election and on the Direct Action climate change policy.

On the same sex marriage plebiscite Turnbull does not have long to wait. In fact there might be an early election to take advantage of any honeymoon poll.

On climate change, one could be excused for thinking that, while Turnbull may well hold to the emissions reduction policy of 26-28 per cent by 2030, his record suggests that he will push to take the Coalition further up the reductions path. In question time yesterday he  said “there is no inherent virtue in any particular method of  cutting emissions … the only thing that matters is the outcome”. The clear implication is that this is main task and there are no questions about the basic science.  He is likely to attend the Paris conference starting at end November and indicate he accepts that.

This message is being sent to all Coalition MPs. I ask them to read that attached and consider whether the right decision was made yesterday: Turnbull is not the only alternative to Abbott.

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