Climate Hustle Film; California Killings

Climate Change

My acquaintance James Alfred Brooks has forwarded to me a copy of the advance information about a new documentary film on climate change to be given its premiere in Paris on Sunday ie about a week before the draft communiqué has been finalised. The initiator of the film is Mark Mariano who was adviser to US Senator Inofe but has for some time been operating an independent think-tank and is a well-known sceptic on the dangerous warming thesis.

Either through Inofe or directly Mariano has drawn attention over many years to the many fallacies in the analysis used to support that thesis and has effected a wide circulation of those fallacies. One of the documents referred to above (“Profile of Scientists”) refers to a number of scientists who have either been sceptics or reversed their views as supporters of the dangerous warming thesis. They include experts who have given presentations in Congress. Mariano has been one of many in the US who has expressed sceptical views, including 30,000 scientists who have signed a Petition to Congress rejecting the thesis. My own Petition here went to Minister Hunt but then “disappeared”.

When I discovered some months ago that Mariano was going to produce a film, I asked if he could send me a copy. For obvious reasons, that has yet to arrive but I expect it to be a top quality film and will endeavour to arrange a showing. Former Finance Minister Minchin visited Mariano during the sceptical survey he took to the US a few years ago.

California Killings

The reason for the killing of 14 people and wounding of 17 by two Muslims in California is not known but is suggestive of a copy-cat of the Paris murders. It follow a shooting in Colorado Springs five days ago.

Some details of this latest incident are available here, with the Los Angeles Times quoting some of the co-workers of the male shooter (Farook) as saying he had previously travelled to Saudi Arabia and returned with a new wife. Obama is reported as blaming the lack of adequate gun controls.

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