Iraq & US Policy; New Security Measures Here; Increasing Attempts to Prevent Coal Usage

The US Administration’s policy on Iraq appears to still be uncertain, with Kerry (in Baghdad) not ruling out intervention after talks with Shiite leaders and also some Sunnis not involved with ISIS. A poll in the New York Times indicates dissatisfaction with Obama’s leadership and no majority support for intervention (except through the use of drones and the sending of advisers) but significant support (over 40%)for “doing something” (see two articles below from New York Times)

The Australian government’s decision to legislate to increase security measures to handle jihadists has been given in principle support by Shorten. The implication is that the measures will apply to residents as well as those returning from Syria/Iraq. It provides an opportunity to explain the threat to Australian security from Islamic extremists and their “rationale”.

Increased attempts by environmental groups have suddenly emerged to warn of alleged dangers if Australia fails to implement emissions reductions policies, probably related to the forthcoming report on renewable energy policy and on international conferences on climate change. The warnings relate, inter alia, to investments in coal producing companies and a deterioration in the Great Barrier Reef that could lead to a World Heritage “in danger” listing. The back-up for these allegations appears to be minimal (more on this to come).