Bolt Slams BOM & CSIRO Climate Report

The Commentary I sent yesterday included inter alia the erroneous responses by  Chief Scientist Finkel to questions asked at a Senate Committee meeting by Senator Malcolm Roberts about the effects of human activity on carbon dioxide and any consequent effects on temperatures. It also drew attention to a 13 page analysis sent to Finkel by climate expert William Kininmonth and his assessment that Finkel had misrepresented the physics in a way which leads to erroneous conclusions.

Today Andrew Bolt has written a damning critique set out below on the latest State of the Climate report by the BOM and the CSIRO. These reports are presented as a supposedly thorough-going assessments of what has been happening to the climate and whether there is a trend in any direction.

Bolt has not delved into the debate over the science but has concentrated on identifying cherry picking of data which would if accepted support the so-called scientific consensus on the dangerous warming thesis. He calls for an apology but I suspect he really thinks that the two agencies should do more than that and at the least acknowledge that what has been happening to the climate is not consistent with that thesis.

The Minister responsible for these agencies, presumably Frydenberg, should call on them to  respond to Bolt’s critique and present a more comprehensive analysis of the trends.

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